Alexa Enable Visit Wayne

If you own an Alexa device, it is a simple matter to connect to most of the information contained
on our website, Just say, “Alexa, enable Visit Wayne.”

Then follow her directions

Help is just a breathe away: “Alexa, ask Visit Wayne for Help.”

Prefer to do it from your computer? No worries, just click this <link>

But what if I don’t own an Echo, Dot, Show, Spot, Fire tablet, or Fire TV device?
Do you own a smartphone?

For Apple iPhones, click on this link and install as you would any other app:

For Android phones: click this link and install as you do any other app:

You need an account on Amazon in order to “connect” your phone to Amazon’s Alexa:


If you have any issues, simply call our Help Desk (USA Only): 234.262.0243