Conference Calling

Twenty-seven connected parties, at the drop of a hat.

“Alexa, call Conference Line.”

Simply share your private toll-free number with participants and the time of the conference call. Callers may use an Alexa device or any phone of their choosing.

Basic features start at just $10.00 per month plus minutes used for clients of Agile Audio Dashboards. Rates (subject to change) are $0.0085 per minute. Or $0.022/min for a toll-free number. New to our Amazon based Alexa services? Get started with an Echo Dot and our Afients AudioBiz Helpdesk™ service for just $99/month and we will waive the monthly fee for the conference call service. But wait, there’s more: the first Dot is on us.

How cool is that?!

Did we mention how amazing the Alexa Echo and the Echo Dot are as speaker phones? Guess we just did! Even better, the Dot comes with a headphone jack which can be used to allow Alexa to whisper in your ear important insights during that all important sales pitch. To learn more, just ask.

Ask about our advanced features including “remote control” conference call options, controlled from any smart phone via our intuitive SMS interface.

Call Jeff ‘SKI’ Kinsey to sign up: 330.275.3959

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