Opera and Dreambuilding

Flash Briefing for Sunday, Feb 18th

In life and in business, it is the dreamer that consistently achieves more. Those with visions and dreams to move them to action. Do you need a “flash briefing” each morning to highlight your KPIs? We can help.

Good Morning Sunday

New Phila Airport and the Audio Dashboards Podcast

Hey Saturday! — This is February 17, 2018

Welcome to the first Audio Dashboards Podcast available via Amazon’s Alexa devices. It is our Flash Briefing. One more way to consume great content.

More Sales And Profits

More Sales with Alexa

Run faster and jump higher!

Sales are a lot like that playground back in grade school… everyone wants to close more sales, faster. Learn how to make that happen with Amazon’s Alexa. Admission is free, but please RSVP:

Canton, Ohio Alexa MeetUp the 2nd Wednesday each month

Alexa Offers Audio SMS Service

Alexa Offers New SMS Feature

Android users rejoice! There is a new version of the Alexa App for your phone that now allows you to talk to Alexa (you no longer need the reverb dot io app) AND send audio SMS messages to anyone in your phone’s address book. How cool is that?!

Conference Calling

Conference Calling Service

You asked for it, and we deliver! “Alexa, call Conference Line.” Yep. It is that simple to start a conference call from your Echo or Echo Dot. Starting at just $10 per month.