Huayra Roadster

Interior of the Pagani Huayra Roadster

There are Autos and then, there is Pagani

If you could drive any car in the world for your “company car” — What would it be? And just how practical would it need to be? It depends, right? Next to my dream car of the HondaJet, this might actually be more practical. See how one justifies those things that matter most? {grin}

One way to make sure you never leave the house on a rainy day, make your company car the Pagani Huayra Roadster. Yes, easier said than done. Still…

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Company Car

Pagani Roadster

Gotta Have A Dream

It is Sunday. Two thoughts: 1) Remember to spend some time dreaming and, 2) Ask Alexa to Save the Date of Saturday, April 7th for the Wayne County Dev Days Hackathon.

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Amazon Echo Dot Review

The Echo Dot, which was released back in October of 2016, is part of the Amazon Echo Smart Speaker line. The other devices that are featured on the Echo line are the Echo Show, Echo Spot, Echo Plus and more.

"At Agile Audio Dashboards, we believe the Dot is an affordable, smart, Alexa device and doubles as a great speaker phone. It has a headphone/earbuds jack when privacy is important."
—Jeff ‘SKI’ Kinsey

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Amazon Alexa is Set to Get Smarter

Skynet (fact or fiction)

As first reported by The Information, Amazon plans to create proprietary AI chips and place them in its Amazon Echo, Amazon Dot, and every other speaker in their lineup. This will allow your new device to handle speech recognition and data processing locally instead of shipping it off to the cloud first.


P.S. What are you doing this Tuesday, March 13th?

Alexa, Ask Ring

Ring Doorbell Camera

Alexa, Ask Ring If That’s Somebody at the Front Door Delivering the Insurance Policy You Ordered for Me

"On February 27, Amazon bought Ring (for reportedly over $1 billion). Ring sells video doorbells and other home security hardware. Amazon spending $1 billion isn’t quite the same as you or me spending $1 billion—but still it’s a tidy sum."

Ring appeared on the TV Show Shark Tank and failed to receive any deals.