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Amazon’s Echo Show

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Amazon's Alexa Devices

If you didn’t know, we are sold on the Alexa platform… in fact, it is more like an eco system of voice powered smart devices for home or office. After five years of effort by Amazon, Alexa is truly ready for prime time. Therefore, Agile Audio Dashboards is your one stop shop for all things Alexa.

Why are we sold on Amazon?

>> Reason #027

Selling The Wheel

Why Amazon 027

When bad experiences turn out okay

We remember the outrageous

aka Why we love Amazon, reason #027

Show of hands, how many of you remember that classic The Far Side carton, “When potato salad goes bad”? I laughed so hard when I first saw it that I thought I was going to break something! It showed a bowl of potato salad holding a gun on the other items in the refrigerator. Did I mention how much I love potato salad? Not just anyone’s… my grandmother taught my wife how to make it and then my wife added a coupe of minor twists to make it unique and even better. But I digress…

Take a look at the image in this post and note the date my money was refunded. In fact, what happened was the minute Amazon got word that I had dropped the return off at the local UPS Store and it was scanned, they issued my refund. Honest!

Even as the goods left my hands on the way back, Amazon refunded my money.

At Agile Audio Dashboards™ we like outrageous. In fact, we bet the farm on Amazon and Alexa. How cool [and outrageous] is that?!

P.S. Why did I return it? It was only 2G in the USA. Note the bold face lie in the description of the device.