Alexa, order me room service

Marriott and Amazon team up to make your stay even more pleasant.

Next time you check in to a Marriott hotel, you might find an unexpected guest in your room: Alexa​


Ubaldo Nonno

Ubaldo Nonno

The Ubaldo Nonno Project

A project for my spare time… if I ever get some. {grin}

Link: Quora

Do you have an Alexa device? Great! Simply repeat after me:

“Alexa, enable Audio Dashboards Podcast.”

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Butt Dial


“Did you hear? A couple just used Alexa to butt dial a contact in their address book and send a recording of their fight. Welcome to the 21st century.” —Stuart Crane of VoiceMetrics

Yep. The butt dial heard around the world. Stuff happens.

Our take on this from our Flash Briefing: