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So, you are excited about what Alexa can do for your business?

Perfect. Are you a business owner or manager? Let’s talk. If you are stuck, we can get you unstuck. Quickly. And keep you on track!

The best solution is often the obvious one: Our B2B Helpdesk makes us your first line of offense for making Amazon’s Alexa a powerful member of your team. Reach out to us night or day and experience the joy of having someone in your corner that has “been there, done that” and lives to help others. Officially, expect a response within two hours Monday through Friday, 8:00am to 6:00pm but often we are standing by and willing to jump up with the answer or a query to better understand the challenge.

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Still not sure? Call Jeff Ski Kinsey (USA Only) 330.275.3959

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Alexa MeetUp Wed April 25th

Please RSVP: Canton, Ohio Alexa MeetUp

Wednesday, April 25th at 6:00pm
First Five get FREE Tall Coffee at Starbucks
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Belden Village Mall


Need a quick report on your state of the union?

Attn: Business Owners

We pleased to pre-announce an exciting new family of voice-driven skills for Amazon’s Alexa Eco System:

myQuickPorts by Agile Audio Dashboards

First up: QuickBooks® Reporting

The short version: We “port” an Alexa Skill to the APIs from Intuit’s® QuickBooks which then allows the business owner and/or key personnel the ability to wake up each morning and ask for an up-to-date recap on the numbers that matter most.

Give our Sales Lead Jeff Ski Kinsey a shout to see and hear myQuickPorts in action. Today. Preferably before your competition.

USA Only: Phone/TXT/Fax: 330.275.3959

Intuit and QuickBooks are trademarks and service marks of Intuit Inc., registered in the United States and other countries.

Do you have an Alexa device? Great! Hear our Flash Briefing each morning. Simply repeat after me:

“Alexa, enable Audio Dashboards Podcast.”

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